The Sounds of Fear is a new horror blog by Marc Patterson (that'd be me!), Managing Editor of

I've spent most of my life playing music, starting piano lessons as early as eight years of age. I continued with lessons for eleven years, and would have likely gone to study at a conservatory, except I was talked out of it by parents who felt I needed to study something more tangible. Somehow the thought of their son trying to hack out a career as a jazz musician was too much. Nonetheless it never abated my love of music. I continued studying, picking up bass guitar playing in diverse bands from funk to free jazz to punk rock and hardcore. Over the past few years I've returned to the keyboards with a fresh take on what is possible with a set of keys. Call it a decade departure.

I also run a pretty popular horror website,, where we dissect, discuss and argue the finer points of the horror genre. This is a spot where I hope the two will collide. My love for music with my love of horror film. Here I hope you'll find interesting scores to discover, bands that are re-defining horror in music, and interviews with composers, as well as a bunch of other cool shit I haven't even thought of yet.

I can't promise a fast of quick growth of this blog. It's going to be slow and steady, but I hope you'll stay tuned!