Sunday, June 27, 2010

Psycho Turns Fifty - Exploring the Sounds of Violence

Well - it's been awhile since I made a post here. I went out and got an interview with the guys of Seppuku Paradigm, which is the band that scored Martyrs, but I needed an interview for June over at Brutal As Hell, so snagged that away from here to post over there. Such is the way of things. I've also been really busy with a new day job, so that has maximized my time across the board.

However, all that said - a really top notch article came out over at the Wall Street Journal from Jack Sullivan, exploring the sounds of Psycho. It's an amazing article, better than most genre writers can produce, and it's in the Wall Street Journal.

So - I wanted to make anyone who occasionally stops by here aware of it, so they can check it out before it gets pulled and archived. I think they only keep their articles free for a limited time.

Here's the direct link: Hitchcock's Psycho at 50, The Sounds of Violence

Sunday, June 6, 2010

It's the Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer with 'The Horror of Party Beach'

It's been a while since I've made a post over here. I never promised much, and I seem to be delivering on that! Well, we just wrapped up a great Memorial Day weekend a week ago and summer is in full blast. That only means one thing - It's time for horror to head to the beach! For me there's no better film for fun in the sun than Del Tenney's The Horror of Party Beach. Ridiculous sea monsters brought to life by radio active waste terrorizing volumptious beauties, all set to the highly danceable tunes of the Del-Aires. Wait. Who are the Dynamic Del-Aires? You don't know of this hip happening funky bunch of guys? Well, that's probably because you haven't seen The Horror of Party Beach. If such is the case you need to get your jive ass into motion and head to Netflix to cure that lame limb pronto, daddy-o. Bikers, Teen Romance, and lots of retro rock n' roll that can't be beat. Don't want to wait? Good thing. I've got all the clips from the film right here for your viewing pleasure.

As far as the band is concerned the Dynamic Del-Aires is very much a real band, and not one that happened to get slapped together just for film. Del Tenney shot and created his film in the Stamford CT area, and the Del-Aires were a small local outfit from across the river (both of them) in (of all places) Patterson, New Jersey. One of the crew happened to know about them and their reputation for wild shows and brought them into the film. Sadly, this was the most of their "big time" success. After the film the band went on to record a couple other small records, but never made it and went the way of so many other bands. The tunes that appear in the film are all theirs, including the intro tune "Drag".

The band features Ronnie Linares on lead vocals and guitar, Bobby Osborne on keyboards, guitar, and saxaphone, Gary Robert Jones on bass guitar, and John Becker on drums.

Here are the songs from the film... take note of the hilarious one line zingers - Says one guy as he's watching a girl shake her ass, "Hey that reminds me, did I bring my hot dog buns?" You just don't hear those lines anymore!

If you have more interest in the band you can check out this really cool page that includes an interview with Bobby Osborne.

While the monster rises from the deep the Del Aires rip through "Joy Ride" and get the party started!

Still got the bug to keep dancing? Keep it rockin and rollin' to Just Wigglin'-n-Wobblin'...

Oh yeah! Now it's time for 'The Zombie Stomp' and 'Elaine'

Official Trailer: